Finding the Best Real Estate Websites to Meet Your Needs

When it comes to the best real estate websites, most people think of Zillow,, and Trulia. However, these are not real estate broker websites, which contain IDX to display a full range of real-estate brokers and listings. Unknown to many people, the nationwide real estate portals generally do not get a full data feed (or IDX feed) from the local MLS (Multiple Listing Service).  This means that in many instances, they WILL NOT have ALL of the listings available.  To get all of the local real estate listings, you should look at a local real estate broker or agent website – as they get direct access to the listing database held by the MLS.

In order to find the top real estate website to meet your needs, you have to conduct adequate research on the Web. This includes checking Google’s top real estate websites – but also those firms that specialize in your particular area or region. With local search results continuing to be of paramount importance, you may be able to find local agents that are not affiliated with high-end commercial selling or buying firms. In fact, local agents tend to offer more value –since they specialize in your immediate area or vicinity.

What to Look for in any Real Estate Site?

The best real-estate websites should have content that is easy to scan and digest. They should also have templates that are easy to navigate, along with user-friendly menus and plenty of valuable resources. The latter can include links to social media posts pertaining to the current real-estate industry trends. Blogging is also essential for sites – and content should always be industry-specific and of the highest quality. Most of all, buyers or seller should be able to find the current pricing trends for their homes or properties. This includes how much homes are selling for – on average – in your area. This helps interested buyers make worthwhile offers to match what your asking offers as well.

What Else to Look For?

Real-estate websites must also be precise and concise. This means they must be able to effectively market your home to local and regional buyers. They should also offer comparative listings – which allow sellers to see average buying or selling rates in their respective areas. As always, there should be plenty of pertinent links along with contact information for all interested buyers and sellers.

Top Real Estate Websites