Top USA Real Estate Brokers in 2023

Top Real Estate Company List puts out an annual list of top privately owned companies, included in this list is privately owned Real Estate Companies. The following is their list of the top 5 privately Owned Real Estate Companies ranked based on their growth over 3+ years:

theLender 20,489% CA Real Estate
IDEAL AGENT 5,514% FL Real Estate
HqO 5,291% MA Real Estate
Spartan Investment Group 3,539% CO Real Estate
Ribbon 3,172% NY Real Estate

Top USA Real Estate Franchise Company

Click to see the 2022 results and 2023 top real estate franchise predictions. This list ranks franchise companies by evaluating the latest trends in the industry, and how they are positioned for the most growth.  Entrepreneur magazine also takes into account the financial stability, size, financing options and number of years in business.

Other Top Real Estate Franchise Companies that made the list:

Every Great Company Has A Great Broker

It’s long been said, “behind every great man, is a great woman”, well the same holds true for a top real estate company.  Behind every great Real Estate Company is a great Real Estate Broker.  The broker is responsible for the day to day operations of the Real Estate Company, as well as many other tasks of running a successful business.  To have a Top Real Estate Company the Broker must effectively:

  • Recruit Top Real Estate AgentsBroker Training Real Estate Agents
  • Manage and oversee a the team of Real Estate Agents
  • Follow up on leads for buyers and sellers
  • Assist the Real Estate Agent Team in pricing & staging listings
  • Assist the Real Estate Agent Team in negotiating for their clients
  • Keep accurate records and financial documentation for the office
  • Offer education and sales meetings to their Agent Team

As well as the above mentioned tasks, many  Real Estate Brokers still continue to work their book of business.  By doing this, they add to the number of listing inventory that their agents can receive opportunity calls on, and convert to sales for the office.

Every Great Broker Has Great Agents

The ability to be a Top Real Estate Company has to have a Top Real Estate Broker that recruits and retains Top Real Estate Agents.  The Real Estate Agents bring the clients and the listings to the office.  Every successful Broker knows that recruiting multi-million dollar producers, paying them well and offering education is the key to retaining these Top Real Estate Agents.  Every day agents are being called by other Brokers attempting to woo them away from their current Real Estate Company.

Technology In Top Real Estate Companies

The Broker, coupled with the company, has to offer the most up to date technology to today’s tech savvy Real Estate Agents to assist them in their success.
The best real estate companies will have a powerful, IDX powered real estate search showing all homes for sale.  Agents are becoming more and more tech savvy requiring the Real Estate Company to keep up with them. Successful agents Real Estate Technologyknow when their brokerage is assisting them in their success, and they will remain loyal.

Technology today is not just having computers available, it is paper-less pipelines, social media explosion and websites utilizing SEO services to gain the highest online authority. With smart phone apps and for sale signs that use text ability for drive by clients to obtain digital flyers right on their phones, Top Real Estate Companies are adding these options to agent compensation packages. Top Real Estate Companies will have to continue to dedicate an amount of profit to always maintaining the best available technology for their Real Estate Agents and clients.


Gone are the days of a brick and mortar Real Estate Office on “every corner, but if a Real Estate Company is going to have a traditional office, they need to be on the “best corner“. Top Real Estate Companies with the brick and mortar offices know that traffic count and signage will determine the amount of walk-in traffic.A Real Estate Office

Today’s traditional Real Estate Companies are using less and less space per Agent in the office. Today’s Top Producer’s are not requiring huge offices, they would rather have larger splits, more technology and administrative help. Many Top Real Estate Agent’s do not require office space at all. They work from their home office, and their cars. This strengthens the fact that Top Real Estate Companies must realize the importance of technology available to attract these Top Producing Agents.