About Top USA Real Estate

Top USA Real Estate evaluates the best of the best in real estate so you don’t have to.  We review the top real estate companiestop real estate agents, top real estate websites and even the top real estate schools.

Top Agents

Don’t just hire your cousin because they have a real estate license.  Don’t hire your brothers, nephews gardener because they are an agent.  You want the best of the best when representing your real estate transactions, you want the top real estate agent in your area.

Real Estate Companies

All real estate companies are not the same.  Some are franchises, some are independent, some are structured simply to acquire more Realtors.  You want a real estate company that looks out for your best interest.


There are almost one million real estate websites in the USA.  How do you know which one to use for the most accurate information?  We look at a variety of metrics on the Top Real Esate Websites in the USA.


Thinking of getting your real estate license?  Choosing the top real estate school is an important decision.  We look at pass/fail rates and long term success of licensed real estate agents to insure you choose the right one.

Our Story

As in most industries, you have 20% of the people that make up 80% of the success.  We set out to provide valuable insight on the best of the best in Real Estate.

  • Real Estate Agents 97% 97%
  • Real Estate Companies 88% 88%
  • Real Estate Websites 88% 88%
  • Real Estate Schools 66% 66%