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Born amidst the backdrop of New Orleans’ rich tapestry, Max Leedman is a man who exudes the city’s vibrant and dynamic spirit in every venture he undertakes. One could say that the wildness of Bourbon Street and the essence of gumbo run in his veins.

Growing up, Max was surrounded by an eclectic mix of characters. From jazz musicians playing soulful tunes on dimly lit street corners to Mardi Gras performers wearing dazzling costumes, Max’s upbringing was far from mundane. These vivid memories shaped his aesthetic tastes, his sense of design, and his keen eye for detail, all of which would play a significant role in his future career.

While many of his peers at Rummel High School were set on becoming doctors, lawyers, or following in their family businesses, Max was always a bit different. He had a penchant for fusing creativity with business acumen, a unique combination that drew him to Tulane University’s renowned business program. There, amidst the historic oaks and classic architecture, he dove deep into the mechanics of business, learning the ropes while also feeding his passion for innovation.

Shortly after graduating, as the digital revolution began to take hold, Max recognized an opportunity. He started out building WordPress websites from the comfort of his own home, often infusing them with the distinct New Orleans flair he was so intimately familiar with. It wasn’t long before word spread about the ‘Cajun Coder’, as clients lovingly dubbed him, who could make websites that not only performed excellently but also looked as appealing as a plate of jambalaya.

In the realm of online marketing, Max took a keen interest in SEO and SEM. He believed that just like the local jazz artists who needed to find the right tune to get noticed, websites too had to find their unique rhythm in the vast digital space. This approach quickly made him one of the most sought-after online marketers in the Southeast.

Over his 20-year-long career, Max has worked with an impressive roster of clients ranging from local New Orleans startups to international brands. However, despite his success, he’s never forgotten his roots. In fact, he regularly organizes ‘Digital Jazz’ workshops in New Orleans where he teaches budding entrepreneurs the art of online marketing while also celebrating the city’s rich musical heritage.

Max’s office, located in a refurbished warehouse in the French Quarter, is a testament to his journey. Vintage New Orleans posters line the brick walls, jazz often plays softly in the background, and the aroma of freshly brewed chicory coffee fills the air. It’s here that Max Leedman, the digital maestro of New Orleans, continues to create, inspire, and lead the way in the evolving world of online marketing.

Max is currently the editor for Top USA Real Estate and owns Levitate Web Design


My Approach

Max Leedman’s approach to digital marketing is an amalgamation of technical skill, creativity, and his New Orleans heritage. At its core, his strategy is built on three main pillars:

Cultural Authenticity:

Max infuses his digital marketing efforts with the vibrant energy of New Orleans. Whether he’s optimizing a website or launching an SEO campaign, he adds a unique local flair that differentiates his clients from competitors. His signature is creating WordPress websites that not only function excellently but exude a distinct aesthetic, reminiscent of the city’s charm and character. This local flavor helps clients establish a unique brand identity that resonates with both locals and people beyond the city limits.

Holistic SEO & SEM Practices:

Max believes that digital marketing is not just about keywords but about telling a compelling story that search engines can understand. His meticulous attention to SEO and SEM details is aimed at ensuring his clients don’t just rank high on Google but also tell a cohesive and engaging story. For Max, SEO and SEM are less about gaming the system and more about providing genuine value to end-users.

Data-Driven Decision Making:

Despite his love for the artistic and cultural aspects of his work, Max is a staunch believer in the power of analytics. He closely monitors metrics to gauge what’s effective and what needs adjustment. This data-driven approach ensures that his strategies aren’t just creative but are also rooted in what actually drives traffic and conversion.