Number One Real Estate Companies

Top Real Estate Websites

The top five Real Estate Websites were determined after Real Trends analyzed over 750 Real Estate Websites across the United States.  They used Best Design, Best Mobile Apps, Best Neighborhood Pages, Best Property Detail, Video Strategy and Conversion Rates to rank the leaders.

2023 Best Overall Real Estate Website Results:

  1.  Michael Saunders & Company
  2. Realty Austin
  3. 1 Percent Lists
  4. Pacific Union
  5. Redfin
  6. Latter & Blum INC REALTORS
  7. Lawson Luxury Real Estate Team

2018 submissions have been made, and Real Estate Agents across the U.S. are anxiously waiting the results.

What Makes The Top Real Estate Websites Land On This List

Just throwing up a website these days will not work to get traffic to your site.  Many factors come into play when sites such as Google, Bing and other search engines rank a website.  The National Association of Realtors (NAR) has identified eight ways to make visitors come back time and time again to your website.  Regardless of how good a website may be, if it doesn’t get found when people search for real estate, it doesn’t matter.

The Role of Analytics in Shaping Real Estate Websites

Understanding user behavior is invaluable when optimizing a website. By leveraging analytics, real estate professionals can gain insights into where their traffic is coming from, which listings are the most popular, and where potential clients drop off. This data-driven approach helps in refining the user experience and increasing conversion rates.

Website up & working 24/7, 365 days a year

Nobody wants to go to a Real Estate Website only to find that it is down, or non-existent.  Even a lapse in renewing your domain can cause this to happen.  Staying on top of this is a must.

Full IDX Search That Is Consumer Friendly

At the forefront of your mind, must be the awareness that consumers come to your website to search for listings. Most users, when visiting a real estate website, want to see homes for sale.  Using just your office listings is not going to be enough.  Give the visitor full IDX search or do not even bother having that feature on your website.  Your search tab should be the first tab on your page, an easy to find and click tab.

Contact Forms

The purpose of a Real Estate Website is to get more business.  Having the tabs for “contact an Agent for more information” as a contact form will capture the visitors information, to now Contact Formbecome a lead.  In addition, using tabs to ask them to make an appointment, receive a FREE CMA, and signing up for local market data can capture them for follow up.  An automated system of follow up would be best, but the website owner still has to follow up on the leads reports and capture rates.

Clear Layout & Design

Keep in mind “pretty” is great, functionality is “best”.  The visitor experience to the site is what Real Estate Technologywill keep them coming back.  Consumers looking for assistance from a Real Estate Professional want clear and easy to navigate pages.  White space is okay, overwhelming the visitor with text is not.  Keep it clear and concise.


Why Regular Website Maintenance is Crucial

Keeping a website updated and functional is the backbone of a successful online presence. With the continuous evolution of technology and user preferences, regular maintenance ensures that a website remains relevant and accessible. This not only includes technical updates but also fresh and relevant content.

Useful Content

The Real Estate Website needs to have useful content.  Focus on neighborhood statistics, links to schools system rankings, fresh and useful information. Content non-specific to the market area the website services can be anything from DIY projects, real estate news & trends, FAQs and financing information.  Embedding videos on the website are another way to engage the visitor.  Use a good mix of text, images and videos to grab the visitors attention.

Add Links To Your Page Content

Adding links from the home page to other pages and blogs on the website will send the visitor deeper into your site.  To add value to a website, the home page should be the portal Website Linksto move visitors through the site.  Add clear menus with navigation tabs and links to existing content on the home page.

Driving Engagement Through Real Estate Websites

Engagement is the key in the modern world of real estate. When a user feels connected and involved with a website, they’re more likely to convert into a client. The top websites understand this, and they’ve found ways to make their platforms interactive, informative, and intuitive.

Create Podcasts

Visitors to websites these days like to watch and hear the content, versus reading long text.  This site does a good job of using podcasts to explain their value proposition:

Use this opportunity to add video highlights of Spotlight Neighborhoods and Agent Introductions. Embedding videos of maps and other useful information will engage the visitor longer, and  if you have the right search engine optimization behind your videos, you can increase the traffic to your site as well.

Social Media

In today’s social media world, successful social media links are more than just Facebook Business Pages.  It is more effective to not lose visitors to the Facebook stream to distract them from what they went to the website for to begin with.  Use social media “share” buttons to have the website content “shared” and “liked”.  Social Media IconsAlso using social media to drive traffic to the website by using links that take the viewer back to the website to “read more” when uploading a new blog post.  This will lead to more traffic to the website and keep the visitor from being distracted, and ultimately moved to other sites.