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Realty One

Realty One Group is a prominent figure in the real estate industry with a nationwide presence and a comprehensive range of services to assist homeowners with their transactions. These services include customized home estimates, video tours, and recommendations for trusted escrow companies. While Realty One Group’s agents will work to secure the highest possible sale price for clients, they operate on a conventional commission structure. However, sellers may seek more affordable options that maintain the same level of service quality.

What services does Realty One Group provide?

Realty One is a full-service real estate brokerage that takes pride in offering a hassle-free home sale experience across its numerous branches in the US. Among its top services are the negotiation skills of its agents and their ability to swiftly sell properties at competitive prices. Selling with a full-service real estate brokerage means that the agent will handle every aspect of the process, from MLS listings to closing procedures.

Skilled real estate agents bring their expertise to ensure a smooth and quick sale while providing advice on pricing, capturing visually appealing images of the property, scheduling viewings, and negotiating during the closing process. Ultimately, partnering with a Realtor from Realty One Group can prove to be an invaluable asset for a successful home sale.

Pros of Realty One Group:

– Full-Service Real Estate Brokerage: As a full-service real estate brokerage, Realty One Group offers sellers assistance in every aspect of their home sale, resulting in a hassle-free process with fewer headaches.

– Extensive Network of Agents: With offices present in 31 states, Realty One provides the opportunity to choose the best agent for the job and potentially buy another home without switching agencies.

– Focus on Quick and Profitable Home Sales: Realty One Group’s agents are dedicated to delivering the gold standard of home sales by securing speedy and profitable transactions.

Cons of Realty One Group:

– Not Ideal for Budget-Conscious Sellers: With a standard commission rate, Realty One Group might not be the most cost-effective option for sellers who wish to receive the same services for a lower price.

– Limited Availability: While Realty One Group prides itself on being a national agency, there are still 19 states without offices, leaving many home sellers out of reach.

What is Realty One Group’s pricing?

Realty One Group follows the industry standard of a 6% realtor commission rate split between the buyer’s and listing agent, without any discounted rates advertised. However, sellers can attempt to lower the commission fees by negotiating with the realtor. It should be noted that negotiating the commission fee might be challenging, and agents may take a firm stance, making it a potentially difficult negotiation.