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RE/MAX is a leading real estate network that has gained worldwide recognition for its success in the industry. The company’s impressive track record and global presence make it a top choice for potential franchisees. With the backing of a vast network of successful agents, RE/MAX has consistently proven that it can deliver results.

Established in 1973, RE/MAX International has now become a global real estate brokerage franchise operating worldwide. The company launched publicly in 2013 as an international franchise network. Agents can utilize the online training resources available through RE/MAX University to obtain distinctive designations and certificates.

The RE/MAX agent appointed to handle your home will employ the pre-existing marketing materials available on their “Design Center.” These promotional materials include direct mail campaigns, property websites, and open house sheets. With less reliance on online advertising, RE/MAX garners significantly effective results for their clients’ marketing.

RE/MAX offers established agents greater flexibility in their respective desk fees and commission splits. Consequently, the brand appeals to agents who are already veterans of the field. If a realtor assigned to you works for RE/MAX, you can bank on them having a wealth of experience gained over several years in the industry.


  • Headquartered in: Denver, CO
  • Founded: 1973
  • Began Franchising: 1975
  • Number of Franchises: 6,800+ worldwide

While most real estate agents operate as independent contractors, the RE/MAX franchise takes this concept to the next level. The company aims to provide real estate agents with the tools, resources, and support to succeed in their careers. As a result, RE/MAX has become a top-performing real estate brokerage, thanks to its commitment to excellence.

Services Home Sellers Receive from RE/MAX

Agents provide many of the same services as other real estate agents, though their marketing has less of a technology focus. Their agents lead the market in staying educated and on top of the industry, and in production numbers.

While RE/MAX has the most sales of any other brokerage, they’re concentrated in the Midwest. Their two largest brokerages are in Minnesota and Wisconsin, so while they could have an office in your area it may not be a large one.

RE/MAX Pros and Cons

You’ll keep 95% of your commission

By choosing the 95/5 commission split, you’ll get to keep the lion’s share of your commission. This split is among the highest in the industry. A more typical real estate commission split is 70/30.

You’ll pay an unvarying monthly fee

Some real estate agents like knowing exactly how much they’ll have to pay for their desk fee per month. It makes budgeting easy.

Your desk fee might save you on marketing costs

There’s a reason some RE/MAX offices charge steep desk fees. In return for the monthly charge, you may save on marketing costs you’d otherwise have to pay yourself. Make sure to check which amenities you’ll receive for your fee before signing an agreement.

Desk fees can be steep

Depending on your RE/MAX office, you may be on the hook for upwards of $2,000 per month, regardless of your sales (or lack thereof). If you’re a new agent without a lot of steady sales, this could be devastating.

Additional fees might be due

According to some agents we talked to, you may also have to pay an additional franchise fee from your commission. Make sure you understand what you owe before signing up.