Why change your cleaning services to green cleaning services?

Yes, green cleaning is better for the environment, but it is also better for your health.


Health benefits of green cleaning services

There are health benefits to using a green cleaning service in your home or your office.

  • Easier to breather for people with allergies, sinus issues, asthma, or other lung issues because there are no harsh chemical fumes in the air
  • Reduces dust and allergens with the use of proper mats
  • Nontoxic products reduce hazards of chemical illnesses
  • Reduces allergic reaction to artificial fumes or spills that can show up as breathing issues and hives as well as rashes
  • Improves overall air quality inside

These are benefits you do not get from regular cleaning services that use chemical products to clean. Not only do the chemical products cause health issues for those who already have a severe problem such as asthma but they can cause serious problems such as poisoning, cancer, and more.


Environmental benefits of green cleaning services

Environmental Benefits of Green Cleaning

Some of the benefits to the environment with green cleaning services include:

  • Less toxic waste
  • Less water and air pollution
  • Uses all natural, non-toxic, biodegradable cleaners
  • Uses recycled paper products

With regular cleaning services, you end up with more waste, including toxic waste from the chemicals used that are removed with paper towels that are thrown away or with sheets that are then washed which puts the toxic waste in the water system.


What to look for in a green cleaning service

When looking for a green cleaning service to use here are some things to look for:

  • What type of products do they use? Are they all natural and biodegradable?
  • Do they use recycled paper products that are then recycled or reusable spray bottles and microfiber clothes that are sanitized after use?
  • What type of mats do they use at the doorways? Will those mats trap dirt and dust that carry allergens?
  • Are their vacuums equipped with Hepa filters to keep allergens and dust from being released into the air?
  • Always look for companies who have the EPA Safer Choice logo and ask questions them to give details on the products they use
  • One thing to remember just as with any regular cleaning service always check with the BBB to see what grade the company has been giving by the BBB
  • Make sure they are licensed and bonded

Whether you are looking for a green cleaning service for your business or your home if you look for the components listed above you should find an excellent green cleaning service.

One other thing beyond the health and environmental aspects of green cleaning services you will like is that it costs less.


Starting a green cleaning service

We Clean Green

If you are thinking to start a cleaning service why not make it a green cleaning service. More and more people are looking for green cleaning services to help protect their health and the environment. What will you need if you decide to start a green cleaning service?

Here is a list of things you will need to do to start:

  • Survey the area you want to service to see how high the demand for green cleaning services is
  • Talk to the top real estate agents in your area
  • Your next step is to write a business plan so that you know what you need and how you will fund the start-up costs
  • Licensing and bonding is a must so check with your states Small Business Administration on how to get licensing and bonding
  • Research product suppliers for purchasing your all natural cleaning products and recycled paper products
  • Use reusable spray bottles and microfiber cloths and mop-heads that can be sanitized
  • You will need office supplies such as; business cards, an appointment book, accounting books to make sure your suppliers are being paid and you are getting paid from your clients for your service